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Which purpose has the Input list?
Control bodies and certifiers have fundamental basis for farm inspections and safe verification of products used. 

Manufacturers of inputs get reliable information about usability of their products in organic production. 

Organic producers, control bodies and significant associations can be assured, that the principles of organic production are complied with when using registered inputs.

How can products be registered for the Input list?
Step 1: Please register your company first. All information and documents can be found in tab registration

Step 2: Select in tab product application a category, in which your products should be listed. The forms there are mandatory for evaluation. Please note: When submitting the forms, you are placing a chargeable order. All costs can be foundd in our current scale of fees

Step 3: As your products are evaluated and released, a certificate of conformity can be downloaded via the online search  Then, we will contact you once a year and send you documents for re-registration for the next following input list. Related to this process, we request to verify data and to notify whether a further publication is wanted.

Which categories for inputs can be chosen?
Each product has to be allocated to a category. A category selection can be found on the right in the download area on the respective product application pages of the corresponding main category. 

A precise classification ensures that your customers will find your products more easily. It is also possible to chose multiple sub-categories for a product. The charges can be found on our current scale of fees (part 2).

Which charges will occur for listing in Input list?
All charges are mentioned in our current scale of fees.

How will products be evaluated?
FiBL experts evaluate products on the basis of scientifically profound criteria. The scope covers the verification of the entire formulation, including active ingredients and formulation auxiliaries which will be checked for unwanted substances. 

We will contact you in case of any questions or after finishing evaluation. 

Annual random laboratory analyses provide additional assurance of results. 

The evaluation of product considers the effects on human health, the environmental compatibility of the products and the risk of causing residues in food. 

The prerequisite for listing in the input list is that the products not only comply with the regulations of the EU organic legislation and the general European or German legal regulations, but also with the current basic criteria of the European Input List.

How long does the evaluation last?
We will try to check your application as quickly as possible. Prerequisite is that all documents required for evaluation are available. 

Please note: We will definitely get back to you as soon as the evaluation is finished or in case of any questions.

How may I advertise the listing of my products?
On labels, in brochures and product information of your listed products, you may print the following notice:  

"Listed in FiBL Input List (Germany)" or "Included in the FiBL list of permitted inputs for organic production in Germany". The printing of the FiBL logo is not permitted.

What can I do if my product application has been rejected?
In case of rejection for listing, you will be informed by our experts. 

They will explain the reasons, e.g. no conformity with the current regulations and legislation. 

If you have any questions, please contact us. The expense for first evaluation will be charged.

How can I find inputs checked for usability in organic production?
Step 1: Refer to tab „Search“ on our website 

Step 2: Enter product and/or company name and click on „Search“ 

Step 3: you will receive a selection under „Search results“. Details are shown if you click on the trade name of product chosen. A certificate of conformity can be downloaded or printed by using the button "Confirmation".
Are there any further national input lists?
The team of the German Input list collaborates with colleagues of FiBL Switzerland, FiBL Europe and EASY-CERT Services Austria a spart of „Organic Inputs“/European Input List"  Please note that the application for products for a national input list has to be submitted directly to the respective national team.
What means input certification?
FiBL Projekte GmbH and the Quality Association of Inputs (GGBM) consisting of Bioland, Naturland and Demeter associations have developed a standard for the certification of inputs used in organic agriculture. 

The criteria of GGBM were specified in exchange with people from practice and science and are continuously upgraded. This guarantees a high level of reliability and quality for producers and practitioners. The certification programm can be found  here.
How will products be evaluated at the certification program?
The product evaluation of the certification program includes three steps:

Document check: This is to ensure that the product meets the criteria of the certification program and that any required official approvals are available. Certain documents are check annually. The required documents can be found on tab certification at the respective product category (currently just in German). 

Screening/analysis: Products are verified for illicit and critical substances. The frequency and type of analysis depends on the product category and ingredients. The manufacturer takes reserve samples of all production batches.

On-site inspections: Appointed control bodies regularly inspect the manufacturing sites. The initial inspection occurs before the first certification. The subsequent inspections are every one to three years, depending on the risk classification. Here, the documents submitted and the documentation on purchasing, production, sales and QS measures are checked. Additionally, a quantity plausibility calculation is made and samples are taken for screening.

What may I do if contact details have changed?
Any changes in company name, address, contact persons or invoicing can be sent by using the company date form or by email to betriebsmittel@fibl.org

Which browser is best suited?
We suggest using Microsoft Edge as other browsers may not create the forms in latest Adobe version.


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