Product application fertilizers etc.

Please select the group of inputs for which your product(s) should be applied:

Plant strengtheners can be registered at tab plant protection agents.

Please send the completed form to betriebsmittel(at) By sending the application, a chargeable order is placed. Please refer to the current scale of fees.

The currently valid listing criteria can be found here: Basic admission criteria for the European Input List.

Prerequisite to apply for listing of products is a registration as customer company. If you are not yet registered, nor have a customer ID, please do registration first.

Advertising of publication in the Input List

You may use the following message on labels, brochures, information, websites, etc. for your listed products:

"Listed in FiBL Input List (Germany)" or " Included in the FiBL list of permitted inputs for organic production in Germany ". The FiBL logo may not be used. Products with a positive evaluation by FiBL Projekte GmbH for Demeter norms can be labelled with "may be used under the Demeter standard" or "product appropriate for use under the standard for the certification of Demeter / biodynamic".