New features of the Input List:

Free PDF creation and archive search

(Frankfurt, March 2024)

Free PDF creation

In the online search for inputs, it is now possible to export a list of up to 300 products as a PDF file (see example). This provides even better support for farmers, organic processors, inspection bodies and other experts in the organic sector when selecting and evaluating inputs.

Registration is required to make use of the new function. You can then search for inputs as usual and, as soon as the desired search result is available, export it as a PDF file. You can find the step-by-step tutorial here.

Registration is free of charge.

Archive search

The new archive search allows you to search for the listing of products at a specific time in the past. So if you want to know whether a product was listed in the input list at a specific time in the past, you can use the archive search. To do this, simply tick the "Archive" box and specify the date.

New application forms for Input List

A new validity period and General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are part of the new application forms for the Input List.

January 2024

Products suitable for organic production can be registered with FiBL Projekte GmbH for the Input List. The new registration forms are available online in German and English at

New features

Period of validity: The period of validity of the Input List will be adjusted to the calendar year. This means that after a positive product evaluation, the listing period no longer applies from 1st February to 31st January of the following year, but from 1st January to 31st December of the same year.

A product newly evaluated in 2024 will therefore be approved until 31st December 2025.

For products already listed in the Input List 2024, the validity period will be changed to 01.01.  up to 31.12.2024. The adjustment will be made at the end of January and can be checked at the online search at from 1st February.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC): From now on, our newly introduced General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply exclusively. Any contract previously concluded for the assessment of products for Input List for organic production is therefore invalid.

The currently valid General Terms and Conditions are published on our homepage at and are linked in the current application forms.

A summary of changes compared to the previously valid contract can be found here.

New scale of fees

April 2024

The latest scale of fees can be found here.

Input list for organic production

May 2022

FiBL Projekte GmbH has merged the Input list for organic farming and the input list for organic processing.

The previously separate subjects are linked in the Input list for organic production. A standardized application form is now available for registration of products, no matter of their use.

New national list for Spain

FiBL Projekte GmbH has added a further national list to the range of listing standards: Input list Spain including Demeter España. First, it is only available for the main categories fertilzers and plant protection agents. You can find all listed products here. The charges can be found in our current scale of fees. In case of any questions, please contact us.

Online Input list replaces the previous print version

July 2021

Already in March 2021, the Input list went online with a significantly more powerful database: The possibilities to filter products via the search functions have been considerably optimized and upgraded.
The advanced online search contains all the information previously published in print version of the Input list..
Current certificates of conformity can be created and downloaded as PDFs at any time. Newly listed products appear in the Online Input list promptly and are quickly available to your customers.

Contemporaneously, the printed version of the Input list discontinues after 16 years with steadily growing size (currently more than 3.400 products). We decided to do this change to make an important contribution to sustainability and resource conservation.
Further advantage: the Online Input list can now react promptly to basic decisions by authorities based on the new EU organic regulation, which may require to re-evaluate entire product groups.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all listing companies for their loyalty and trust and look forward to further cooperation!


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