General Information on the Input list for organic agriculture

What is the Input list?

In the German Input list, only those input products are listed, that were evaluated positively by experts of FiBL Projekte GmbH regarding their accordance with the principles of organic farming considering their usability in Germany. The basis for the assessment of the permissibility of products with their active substances in organic farming is the EC legislation on organic farming (Regulation (EU) 2018/848 with the implementing rules (Regulation (EU) 2021/1165). In addition, the criteria of the current IFOAM standards are used as well as the basic admission criteria for inclusion in the European Input List.  

Under the name „Organic Inputs“/European Input List, the input team of FiBL Projekte GmbH works together with colleagues from FiBL Switzerland, FiBL Europe and EASY-CERT Services GmbH Betriebsmittelbewertung (Austria).

What are the objectives of the Input list?

  • To provide control- and certification bodies with an important basis for the control of organic farms and the secure check of used inputs
  • To provide manufacturers with reliable information about the usability of inputs in organic farming
  • To give manufacturers, control bodies and organisations in the organic sector security, that the principles of organic farming are considered when using inputs

Important notes

  • The Input list does not claim to be complete. In principle, non-listed inputs may still be used, as long as they are permissible according to EC legislation on organic farming and, if applicable, the association's guidelines. In case of doubt, the inspection body and/or, if applicable, the association shall decide whether a non-listed product may be used. If products other than those listed are used, the user himself must check whether they comply with the regulation and whether proof of production without genetic engineering has been provided.

    The products listed in the Input list do not generally constitute a recommendation for their use. The products included in the list of inputs are tested for their compliance with the principles of organic agriculture. A check with regard to the effectiveness of products, such as plant strengthening agents or cleaning agents, is not carried out and does not belong to the listing criteria.

    The use of any inputs in organic production/processing is always the responsibility of the user. We reserve the right to comply with the general and specific legal provisions on the use and application of the listed inputs. All information is provided without guarantee. FiBL Projekte GmbH declines all liability in connection with the use of the listed inputs.