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Product application

Here you can apply for evaluation of products according to the EU-Regulations and the standards of different associations (currently Demeter International, Demeter Germany, ECOVIN, Gaea and Naturland). Positive evaluated products will be listed in the EU Input List, and if applicable in the list of respective associations, and in the Inputs list for organic agriculture in Germany (online-directories and printed lists).

If you are already registered as a customer, you can fill out a product application form.

The application of products for the listing in the Organic inputs list can exclusively be done with the product application forms provided on this website. These forms are provided as PDF documents. Please fill them in electronically and send them via e-mail (button on PDF)
with all relevant enclosures to FiBL Projekte GmbH.

Please select the category of inputs in which you want to register your product:


It is also possible to register products for the production of organic wine and organic juice for the listing in the Input list.

Since these products are meant for organic processing, all registration and application documents can be found on Please note that, for the listing of products in these categories, you have to conclude a seperate contract with FiBL Projekte GmbH.

Scale of fees

The verification and evaluation of an input product with regard to its compatibility with the principles of organic agriculture is liable to fees.
Please take note of the scale of fees (117.2 KB).

Interpretation regarding ban on GMO

The EC Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 contain a ban on GMO. This ban must be complied with concerning all input products used in organic farming.