First registration of my company (once)

Before you can submit applications for the product evaluation, you have to register your company as a customer.

  1. Fill in the company data form (125.7 KB) and send it to us via e-mail
  2. Fill in the contract (377.4 KB), print it out and send two signed copies to FiBL Projekte GmbH
  3. Please also take note of the scale of fees (299.1 KB)

As soon as we receive the completed company data, we will assign you a customer ID for your company. This customer ID must be given on every form for product applications.

Information for distributors

We must know the full recipe of the product for the evaluation. If you distribute a certain product and wish to list it in the Input list, but do not know the entire recipe, the manufacturer must register his company as well and must submit a product application mentioning the full recipe of the product.