Product application for Cleaning, Disinfection, and Hygiene

General requirements for the application

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Legal preconditions for the application

Cleaning agents or disinfection agents

Please use the registration form for a cleaning- or disinfection agent (324.6 KB) for the registration (you can also find it in the download area on the right).
For the evaluation, all components of the product must be named in full.

Precondition for the application of such products is that they can be used in Organic agriculture according to EC Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. Furthermore, we require information about whether certain substances like quaternary ammonium compounds, formaldehyde, fluorosurfactants, alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APE), etc. are included in the product and if the product is DLG- or DVG-tested.

The currently valid listing criteria can be found here: Basic admission criteria for the European Input List (342.9 KB)

Classification of product categories

The products are sorted into categories for a clear structure in the Input list. Please find the currently valid categories in the classification of categories in the download area on the right.

Technical hints for the use of the application forms

You can edit the documents with the Adobe Reader, which is available free of charge.

Please fill in the documents directly at your computer and send us the completed form by using the “Send data via e-mail”-button on the form.

Sending a document is regarded as confirmation and assurance that it has been filled in correctly and completely. In this case, the applications forms are valid without a signature and cause the release for processing and publication.

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Cleaning, disinfection and hygiene