Input list for organic production

FiBL Projekte GmbH has merged the input list for organic production and the input list for organic processing.

The previously separate areas are now united in the Input list for organic production. There is now a unified application form that you can use to register your products for the Input list, regardless of whether they are used in production or processing.

Input list for organic agriculture 2022 now applicable

As of February 1st, 2022, the new Input list for organic agriculture in Germany is valid. With around 2,900 listed products from more than 600 registered companies - rising trend - the Input List has become a significant tool for stakeholders in organic agriculture in Germany. As of this year, the list no longer appears printed as usual but exclusively online at The printed Input list 2021 thus loses its validity.

Daily updated online search
The online search gives interested parties the opportunity to use various search parameters (product name, company, listing category, evaluation standard, active ingredients and/or components contained) to search for the appropriate product for the wanted application on a daily basis.

Confirmations of conformity with the EU Organic Regulation and, if applicable, other standards of known organic farming associations can be created and printed using a function provided for this purpose via the online search

The Input list for organic agriculture in Germany contains inputs that have been assessed by FiBL Projekte GmbH experts for their compliance with the principles of organic agriculture regarding their use in Germany. The assessment of new inputs follows both legal requirements (including EU Regulation No. 2018/848 and EU Regulation No. 2021/1165) and scientific FiBL criteria. Products can be listed in the following categories: Fertilizers, composts, soils and technical materials / Plant protection agents, beneficial organism and related products / Plant strengthening agents / Cleaning, disinfection, products for hygiene and care / Agents against parasites / Feed material and related products.

Additionally, products are also evaluated according to the guidelines of organic associations: Bioland (now also for feed material), Demeter, Demeter International, Naturland, Gäa, Ecovin and now new also Biokreis (except for feed material). 

New national list – Spain
This year a further national list will be added to our range of listing standards: Input list Spain including Demeter España. First, products can only be registered in the main categories fertilizers and plant protection agents. The charges are submitted in our scale of fees on our website or you can ask for it.

Product registration anytime
Product registrations are possible at any time and can be submitted using the forms on There you will also find information on the evaluation criteria as well as useful notes. The team of Input list will be happy to assist in case of any question and information required by phone or e-mail. 

New Online Input list replaces the previus print version

08-07-2021 Already in March 2021, the Input list went online with a significantly more powerful database: The possibilities to filter trade products via the search functions have been noticeably optimized and expanded. Possible are now searches for

  • product name
  • company name
  • evaluation standard – products which are conform with
    • criteria of German Input list for organic agriculture respectively Input list for organic processing
    • regulation (EC) 834/2007
    • criteria of several organic associations: Bioland Germany, Demeter Germany, Ecovin Germany, Gäa Germany, Naturland Germany and Demeter International
  • listing categories
    • fertilizers, composts, soils und technical materials
    • plant protection agents, beneficial organisms and related products
    • plant strengtheners
    • cleaning agents, disinfectants, products for hygiene and care
    • agents against parasites
    • feed material and related products
    • products for food processing
  • as well as for active agents and/or components contained.

The new online search contains all the information included just in the previous printed version of the Input list.
Of course, current certificates of conformity can still be created and downloaded as PDFs at any time. Newly listed products appear in the Online Input list without delay and are quickly available to your customers.

Concurrently, after 16 years with its steadily growing volume (currently more than 3,400 products), the Input list will no longer be published in print. We made this decision in order to make an important contribution to sustainability and resource conservation.
Another advantage: the Online Input list can be used to react promptly to fundamental decisions by authorities based on comming into force of the new EU organic regulation, which may make it necessary to re-evaluate entire product groups.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the listing companies for their loyalty and trust they have placed in us and look forward to further cooperation!

Admission criteria of the European Input List (EIL) valid for all products

08-07-2021 Important information: Starting with the upcoming list 2022, compliance with the EIL criteria is mandatory for all listed products in the categories

  • fertilizers and their subcategories and
  • cleaning agents and disinfectants.

You confirm compliance with these criteria when you apply for a product to be listed, as well as when you re-register for further listing each year.
For all other categories, a transition period applies until probably end of January 2023.

Corrigenda / Additions List 2022

Please note the changes in the updated edition