Corrigenda 2018

Fertilisers, Sub-category 1-5 Liquid fertilizers

  • GGRO-MAX: The product does not comply with the requirements for the listing (FiBL-criteria).

Fertilisers, Sub-category 1-9-1 Stone meal

  • MONTEX BASANIT extra: Missing nutrient contents in the print version: P2O5: 0,4%, K2O: 0,2%, CaO: 8%, MgO: 3,5%, Na: 3%, Fe: 5%, SiO2: 40%

Fertilisers, Sub-category 1-9-6 Plant aids

  • Proventus® LC: The company Intrachem Bio Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG excluded the product from the list.

Fertilisers, Sub-category 1-9-21 Soil inoculants

  • GAIASAN: The product is no longer sold by Hendrik-Jan Bakker, Green Balance Germany, but only by Agrostim Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH.

Fertilisers, Sub-category 1-30-3 Potting soils without peat

  • CUXIN DCM AKTIV-ERDE TORFFREI: Correction of nutrient contents: Peat content: 0%, Salt content (KCl): 1,5 g/l, pH-value (in CaCl2 extract): 6

Fertilisers, Sub-category 1-30-5 Substrates with medium peat content

  • Cuxin DCM Aktiv-Erde Bio-Erde
    Nutrient content: N_total 190 mg/l, NO3-N 170 mg/l, NH4-N 20 mg/l, P2O5 280 mg/l, K2O 800 mg/l
    Composition: white peat, coconut fibre, substrate compost, DCM Öko-Mix 4, black peat, pumice-airborne sand, Dolokal, DCM Öko-Mix 1
    Peat content: 55%, Salt content (KCl): 1.8 g/l, pH value (in CaCl2 extract): 5.3
    Addendum to the print version

Plant strengtheners, Sub-category 3-2 Plant strengtheners on organic basis

  • SOJALL VITANA: The product does not comply with the requirements for the listing.